Putting the Framework to Operation: Enabling Organizational Development Through Learning


This chapter instantiates the proposed framework for developing consensually shared workflow designs. It shows how the framework can be put to operation using instruments that have been successfully deployed in practice. These instruments enable articulation and alignment of work process knowledge, allow its representation and transfer within organizations, and facilitate acting on these representations for validation and implementation in diverse organizational settings. We here adopt an organizational learning perspective and situate the presented socio-technical instruments along a multi-perspective learning chain informed by the components of the framework. It thus offers instruments supporting the articulation and alignment of work process knowledge, its multi-faceted representation and flexible manipulation, as well as support for processing the resulting models for validation and refinement. Using the framework as a coherent lens on the requirements on support and the respective features of the instruments allows to offer an integrated view, which demonstrates digital work design support in organizational practice.

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Stefan Oppl
Stefan Oppl
Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning

My research interests include technology-enhanced learning, socio-technical systems design and HCI