Alignment of Multiple Perspectives: Establishing Common Ground for Triggering Organizational Change


This chapter introduces methodological support for transitioning from existing to envisioned work processes via direct actor involvement. It suggests direct actor involvement in the alignment and validation of novel work practices, in particular when digital workflows or instruments are involved that fundamentally impact the modes of individual operation and collaboration. Alignment is required for consolidating various inputs for further processing. In particular, actively involving process participants in process modeling creates a challenge for consolidated digital work design. Process participants are not expected to have modeling skills and usually, they prefer to externalize their knowledge through diagrams that are as simple as possible in terms of both syntax and semantics (‘natural modeling’). Alignment leads to accommodation of novel perspectives on a work process according to the participants’ individual mental models, allowing their implementation in organizational practice after validation.

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Stefan Oppl
Stefan Oppl
Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning

My research interests include technology-enhanced learning, socio-technical systems design and HCI