Separation of Concerns in Model Elicitation – Role-Based Actor-Driven Business Process Modeling


Elicitation of business process knowledge can be facilitated by visualization of conceptual process models. Models of collaborative business processes with actors participating in different roles are com- plex constructs with flows of individual activities that are coupled via acts of communication. The processes of elicitation in such cases can benefit from separating the modeling process for each role and let ac- tors focus on their own contribution to work and their communication with other roles. This paper identifies concepts for model visualization and modeling support that enable a modeling process distributed across role while maintaining one consistent overall model representation. A prototypical implementation of these concepts using distributed tangi- ble tabletop interfaces is presented and results of exploratory tests are discussed. Based on this results the introduced concepts are refined end extended together with an industry partner to create a table top device which can be used in real world model elicitation scenarios.

Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Stefan Oppl
Stefan Oppl
Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning

My research interests include technology-enhanced learning, socio-technical systems design and HCI