Towards Intuitive Work Modeling with a Tangible Collaboration Interface Approach


Models of human work are well recognized means for representing multiple elements of an organization in a mutually tuned form. However, humans and systems tend to use different forms of representation when expressing their knowledge. Most of the widespread modelling approaches focus on a system designer’s or software view rather than on intuitive and comprehensive (re)presentations of mental models of users. Tangible interfaces that support the modelling process in an intuitive way could help to reduce the cognitive load when leveraging individual mental models of work processes. In a collaborative setting the immediate and concurrent manipulation of model elements fosters the reflection and discussion of both modelling a work domain and corresponding processes. In this way, it facilitates the development of common views on work tasks and knowledge sharing.

Proceedings of WETICE ‘06
Stefan Oppl
Stefan Oppl
Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning

My research interests include technology-enhanced learning, socio-technical systems design and HCI